Write a Letter

Beyond opting into share yourself, you might also want to reach out to friends, family, and relatives to encourage them to test and opt-in. Below is a sample email that you might send to your matches. It was inspired by Kitty Cooper, one of the top genetic genealogists.

Dear DNA Cousin,

I am writing to ask a favor of you. I am asking you to help clear the police backlog of unsolved violent crimes like rape, murder, and armed assault. This can by done as zero cost and with only a small effort from you. However, it has the potential to change many lives. All you have to do is opt-in to law enforcement (LE) access at GEDmatch.com.

When you do this, LE cannot see your actual DNA, only the parts that match, if there are any, to the person they are looking for.

  • [This] Since I manage your kit, I only need you to respond yes to this message and I will take care of it for you.
  • [Or this] Here is a link to instructions on how to opt-in.
  • [Or even this] Here is a site where you can learn about opting-in.

Most of us want to live in a world where those who commit violent crimes are caught and brought to justice. That is also a world where nobody is falsely imprisoned for a crime they did not commit.

You may have read how matching at GEDMatch has helped solve cases like the murder of Naomi Sanders. It recently helped identify the Lime Lady as Tamara Lee Tigard. For cases like this to continue, we need more people to opt-into matching for LE.

Thank you for giving this your consideration.

Your Cousin ___